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Lift Interactive

Lift Interactive

Front-end Developer

Visit Website March 2014 - Present

VendAsta Technologies

Web Designer/Graphic Designer

September 2013 - March 2014
University of Saskatchewan

University of Saskatchewan

Web Designer

Visit Website February 2012 - September 2013


Welcome to My New Website!

Hey everyone. I felt it was time to get it together and relaunch my website and portfolio.

In my new role at Lift Interactive, I've had the opportunity to greatly enhance my skills and dive head first into a lot of really cool front-end tech.

The site is built using the Jekyll static site generator. Jekyll is very lean when it comes to options/features, but since the templating language(Liquid) is very similar to the Django templating language that we use at Lift, I thought it would be a good fit.

One of the other really cool things that was integral in building this site was Yeoman. Yeoman is a scaffolding tool for websites and web apps that combines Grunt for running tasks, such as auto compiling your Sass files, running a local server and minifying js/css, with Bower for managing your dependencies and libraries.

For this project I used a generator built by Rob Wierzbowski that I had found on the Yeoman website. There were a few dependencies that I had to add, such as Foundation, but overall it fit my needs, and the development process was smooth.

I have big plans/dreams for this blog area, so if there is any interest in my enire build process, I will write a more in-depth post that breaks all of the technology I used into something that is hopefully digestable. I hope to be back here writing soon.

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